Unprotected Sex Results In Unwanted Babies – The Girl Is Always Totally Responsible

It is human nature for everyone to dream. With a dream anyone can establish a goal and have a good chance to accomplish anything they want, but you can’t sit around and only be a dreamer.It takes a combination of brains and hard work to make your dreams come true and you must be careful and not take unreasonable or ignorant chances. This is especially true for teens. Clear thinking and planning for the future is extremely important and it is primarily your responsibility. After-the-fact is too late to prevent problems.Unfortunately too many teens experience problems because their parents failed to teach them effective sex education and how to avoid problems. However, you must clearly understand that you are still responsible for your own actions. Today most schools try very hard to fill this gap and teach you what your parents may have failed to teach.The area that causes teens the most drastic problems is the area dealing with sexual issues. Think! How will you feel if you are pushing your baby in a buggy and your friends drive by honking, yelling, and having good teen fun. Most likely you would prefer to be in the car with your friends having fun.Only you are responsible for not thinking clearly when you agreed to have unprotected sex with your boy friend. After-the-fact is too late!Some progress has been made in the past few years dealing with teaching teens effective sex education. Unfortunately sex education taught in homes is still too often antiquated and ineffective. For any of you to be taught antiquated and false information because of illogical religious doctrine or because it has been done that way for generations is sad and just plain dumb, mute, voiceless, silent, speechless, mum, wordless, dense, block headed, numskull, thick, useless, and just plain stupid.Even though this is really insult to injury and a big mistake, too many parents insist on being brain washed with man-made illogical religious doctrine; which can not be blamed on God our Creator. This is why it is so important for you to accept the fact that effective sex education is basically your responsibility. Insist that your teachers and counselors teach you. Discuss sex education with your friends and their parents and educate yourself on the Web. There are millions of results on the Web. Just check for your self by typing in the words effective sex education.Teen peer pressure is extremely strong. Always think and believe that you are the boss! It is OK to be selfish and want to enjoy your youth years and have good times with friends. It is OK to respect yourself and listen to your heart. You don’t owe anyone on earth anything that can harm you, especially sex. It is OK to say to anyone, “No, I’m not ready for sex”. It is OK to tell anyone that your goal is not to have sexual intercourse before marriage. No one else is ever responsible for your actions. You are the boss. You owe this to your self. After the fact is just too late.Do you want to finish high school and perhaps go to college or do you really have a desire to travel and see the world. It is OK to have dreams, but you will likely never fulfill your dreams if you get pregnant. When you act smart your dreams today have a better chance to make tomorrow better.If your steady date is pressuring you to have sex, begin making changes to reduce the pressure. Date several different people instead of just one. Associate with more friends that also feel it is OK not to have sex. If your date remarks that you owe him sex you can reply that maybe he owes his left hand some baby oil.Before going on a date consider how your date feels about sex and what might happen. Practice what to say if you are pressured to have sex. Decide before hand just how far you will allow the petting, kissing, and hugging to go.
Understand that older dates likely have more experience, techniques, and tricks to push you over the edge at the moment your passions are the hottest, your sexual desires are strongest, and your resistance is the weakest.Think ahead and always carry more than one condom and your spermicide back up birth control just in case you do decide to have sexual intercourse. At least be prepared and have the power and clear mind to excuse your self and effectively utilize the spermicide back up and then assure that you properly put the condom on his penis. Never have any naked body contact with your partner before doing this.Sexual intercourse is likely not the best choice for sexual satisfaction on a date. For sure, there is no excuse for having an unwanted baby. Understand that you are 100% responsible for your body and for preventing pregnancy.
However, if you aren’t thinking, date pressure can add to the ignorance of the moment, which can result in a lifetime of misery and guilt. Remember that masturbation is the logical alternative to sexual intercourse and offers the satisfaction of climax without any worry of getting pregnant or catching a STD.No one can deny that abstinence is the only completely safe sex. A sexual relationship does not have to be part of your teen life style. Even one experience of unsafe sex can be extremely dangerous. Sex will never give you self-esteem or real self-worth, love, commitment, security, friendship or emotional affection. You do, however, take physical and emotional risks when you are sexually involved.Sex involves feelings (emotions) and thoughts, but it can not fill the gap for good communications. Before considering a sexual relationship, decide if it is emotionally right for you. Sex can be for all the wrong reasons such as:*To fit in because your friends are sexually active
*To become pregnant for your own selfish reasons
*To prove to some one that you are an adult
*To make another person jealous or envious
*To get attention from friends or parents
*To manipulate a partner into giving you something you want
*To avoid being aloneA growing number of sex education programs that support both abstinence and the use of contraception for sexually active teens have now shown positive effects in delaying first intercourse, improving contraceptive use, and preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted among teens; according to a report released by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.Each night before going to sleep pray and ask for guidance.
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Special Considerations for Adult Web Hosting

Running an adult website can be big business, and can turn in huge profits each and every day. However, owning and operating an adult website is not like running a website of any other kind. There are special considerations that you need to think about, and that your adult web host will definitely be concerned about. These are the legal issues that come into effect when you run an adult website. You need to know what these issues are because any adult web host is going to make absolute certain that you’re adhering to them.The first legal issue that comes into question with adult websites is that your website cannot contain any illegal content. When this pertains to adult websites, it typically refers to making sure that any and all models on the site, or any videos or pictures portray only individuals who are of age of consent in the area where the website is run from. Usually age of consent is around 18, 19, or 21 and so, models cannot be under that age. If you’re at all unsure about what the age of consent is in your area, you need to make sure that you check with the local authorities.In regards to age, there’s another issue that any adult web host will want you to take care of. That’s making sure that no minors enter your site at any time. Of course, you really have no control over who visits your site and who doesn’t, but you must take as many precautions as you can to ensure that minors are not allowed. This could include things such as asking visitors to enter their age before they can enter the site; or displaying a large amount of banner ads and precautions stating that the website contains adult material.To fully protect yourself, it can also be a good idea to have a permission box a user must check in order to identify themselves as being of age, and being able to enter your site. This can provide proof, if ever questioned, that you did everything you could to keep underage individuals from entering your site.In addition to making sure that all the models and images portray only those that are of legal age, adult web hosts will also not tolerate any website portraying illegal activities being done on the site. This again, is especially important for adult websites because the lines can become very blurry with these types of sites and people can easily cross over into illegal behaviour. Be forewarned that if this happens on your website, it will be shut down and, depending on the circumstances, you could even face criminal charges.Running an adult website can be a very lucrative business. But before you even begin, you’re going to need to find an adult web host that can store your website and make it available online for you and your users. Know what adult web hosts are looking for and you’ll be sure to get the host that will protect your site; and that you’re taking precautions to protect yourself.

UAV Software That Is Leading The Growth of the UAV Industry

There are many types of software that are available in the market for managing and controlling your unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The following are some of the most commonly used software for controlling UAVs.UAV Control· Airware: This forms a link between the autopilots of the drones that were used in military and those being used by the RC hobbyists.· APM: Copter: this software has made UAVs capable of a full range of flight and this can be used for advanced aerial photography. This is one of the most sophisticated software and has the capability of providing stability during photography.· APM: Plane: this airplane gives all the full fledged aircraft the ability to be on full auto pilot. There is great support for numerous 3-D way points, automatic takeoff and landing and mission planning of the levels that are unmatched along with camera control.· Open pilot: this is an autopilot that has been created by a community that belongs to a group of volunteers and is non-profit. This community is known as open pilot. This software is designed especially for the rotor system that contains more than one rotor. The only concern of the developers is to give to the client quality, safety and an easy to use UAV.· Paparazzi: this hardware plus software combo is a great open source autopilot system that is aimed at being used for fixed wing aircraft and the UAVs. Since this is open source software anyone can add or make any kind of changes to suit their needs. It is because of the volunteers that this system is getting better day by day.Ground Station· Mission Planner: this software is for the ground station and has been created by Michael Oborne. There are various features that are the highlight of this software such as:o The way point entry is point and click type and you can use Google maps for it.o There are drop down menus that can be used to select the commands for the mission.o There is also the provision of downloading the log files for the missiono The software allows you to configure the AM settings for the UAV.Image Processing· Airphoto SE: this software is useful for the UAVs used for the aerial photography and gives a great picture due to all the features present that are necessary for the rectification of the oblique aerial imagery with the geo referenced output. The best part is that it allows for good quality large picture as there are four processors for multithreading that can work on the different parts f the same large photo and all at the same time. The various distortion factors can be controlled in this software. This can be used both by the beginners and the experts in this field. You can even combine your photos with maps, orthophotos or the pictures from satellite.· Fiji: this is software package that is aimed at image processing. There is use of Java, Java3D and many plugins for menu structure that is coherent in nature for the distribution of image J.· Image J: this is a program that is aimed at image processing and is available on the public domain. The main feature of this software is that it can display, edit as well as analyze, process and save the print in 8-bit, 16-bit as well as 32-bit. If you want to know about the area and the value of the pixels in the selected area then this software is capable of doing that too.· Kolor Utopani Giga: this image stitching application of Kolor is considered to be the most advanced one. This is best one to click panoramic images efficiently. The ease of use is also a quality to be mentioned here.· Mapknitter: this software that is available as free and open source too is majorly effective when it comes to mapping the image. This means that you will be able to locate the place on the map where the photo must be placed.· Correlator 3D is a patented software by SimActive. It carries out aerial triangulation and is capable of producing dense digital surface models, orthomosiacs as well as vectorized 3D features.· Imagine Photogrammetry: this has integrated software programs and thus gives best quality strong photogrammetry, GIS, image processing as well as point cloud tools.· Inpho UASMaster: when your UAS collects the images this software creates the deliverables that match the picture quality and efforts. This has great photogrammetic workstation but is very easy to use.· Menci Software APS: this photogrammetry software is a great tool for the processing of the large amounts of UAV data and also processing images. This has been tested and is powerful. The requirement of the GPS is a must for APS to handle ground facing data.· Menci Software OPK Suite: the large format images can be easily processed by this software. This software can produce photogrammetic products from the images obtained from satellite. It is compatible with large cameras such as UltraCam, DMC, DIMAC or from the satellites such as GeoEye, Ikonos, Quckbird etc.· Agisoft Photoscan: this software is capable of photogrammetry of the digital images as well as generating 3D spatial data. There are many features in this software such aso Photogrammetric processingo Dense point cloud: editing and classificationo Digital elevation modelo Georeferenced orthomosiac export· CMPMVS: this multi-view reconstruction software is known for receiving a set of images in a perspective and the camera calibrations which aids in making a full scene. All the rigid images and items are covered.· DroneMapper: when the UAV clicks two dimensional photos of the three dimensional landscape then this software offers geospatial mapping solutions. The image processing is both operator assisted as well as automatic one. The features include:o High resolution digital elevation modelo Digital surface modelo Orthomosaico Point cloud creation from fixed wing