Test Your Knowledge With a Sex Quiz

Most adults know at least a little bit about what sex is for and how the whole procedure works. In fact, some lucky guys might even consider themselves experts in the art of bedroom play. But how much do men really know about what happens between the sheets? This quiz may help some men to uncover the misconceptions that could lead to penis health issues, or even pregnancies, in the aftermath of sex.Questions1) True or false: A woman can’t get pregnant if the couple has sex in the water.2) How long does sex usually last?3) How many women admit that they’ve faked an orgasm?4) True or false: Wearing more than one condom at a time is the best way to prevent a pregnancy.5) What is the average number of times a man thinks about sex per day?6) What proportion of men turn off the light during sex?7) What is the percentage of penises that are slightly bent when erect?8) True or false: Sex is always good for the penis.Answers1) False. Two bodies make a tight fit during sex. A couple might be immersed in the water, but if the penis is inside when ejaculation takes place, there is a very good chance that at least some semen will reach its destination.2) About 3 to 5 minutes. This number refers only to the thrusting part of sex, of course; not the hugging, kissing and talking parts that tend to come before and after an episode of loving. Those additional tasks can tack minutes onto any guy’s bedroom games.3) Two-thirds. It’s hard to know why women might agree to fake a moment of pleasure, particularly when they’re working with a guy who would happily do what it takes in order to make a lady happy, but it seems like women feel at least somewhat comfortable with doing a little acting in order to make a guy feel better about himself.4) False. Wearing two condoms at once means dealing with product-on-product friction, and that can lead to nasty breaks and tears that let the semen run free. Sticking with just one is much safer – just remember to change it when changing up activities.5) 19. This means that men spend a significant amount of time thinking about something hot as they go about the day, and sometimes, those thoughts of happiness result in an erection that’s hard to hide.6) 1 in 4. Men might be a little worried about how they look, or they may choose to turn off the lights so they can focus on the images deep inside their minds. Either way, it’s a practice that could lead to more intense sex, as it allows a guy to focus on what his body is doing and what he is feeling, not on what things in the room look like.7) 25. Some bends like this take hold due to aggressive masturbation techniques that cause subtle scars to form, and other men are just born with bodies that tend to bend either this way or that. As long as the tool can still enter another body, and as long as it doesn’t cause the man pain, it’s typically not something a doctor would choose to correct. If those bends do cause pain, or limit a man’s ability to function, surgery might be in order.8) False. Sex might feel great, but sex that’s rough can result in a variety of penis injuries, including:- Sore skin- Redness- Nerve damage- ChafingA penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could be vital for men recovering from an episode like this. These products can keep skin soft and responsive, and they can help to undo the damage roughness can cause. With regular use, a guy might be in tip-top sex shape in no time at all.