Hot Lingerie: Six Adult Costumes That Will Make You Queen Of Role-Play

Sexy costumes are very special hot lingerie as they are a great source of fun for your relationship.All guys love hot lingerie, but most men usually don’t know those terms describing it, such as lace, tassel and garter; and they may have difficulty referring to what they enjoyed last time: “I would like you to wear that, that… hot lingerie.”However costumes are a different matter altogether as they can easily name them: “Baby, I’m so sick, how about the ‘nurse’ looks after me tonight?”This makes the fun easily accessible for guys and makes it easy for you to know what turns him on.You might be thinking right now, “OK, but is role-play for me? Are sexy costumes silly?” You’re right to question it, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating and it’s something you need to try with your man at least once!You can turn into a sexy airline hostess, a nurse, a sailor and many other characters. Wearing these costumes can turn on your partner so quickly and realize his fantasies which of course will improve the quality of your sex lives.If you still need persuading that sexy costumes are the hot lingerie for you then take a look at these 6 classic costumes for inspiration and then surprise the man in your life. Even if it’s just the once it’ll give you some fond memories to laugh about looking back:1. French MaidThis is one of the most popular costumes among men. It’s popular because it greatly satisfies men’s lust of conquest. When they see this they will become excited because they can’t help imagining themselves as masters. And for you, the white and black mixed lace apron as well as the bow on your head will make you look really sexy.To play the part, remember to be submissive and coquettish…”Oh no, sir, you really shouldn’t, I’m just here to clean your room…”2. Cute PrincessA fluffy pink dress can give you a sweet, innocent image, but you don’t need to act so innocently for your guy! Perhaps you could be a ‘sleeping beauty’ waiting for your handsome prince to come and awake you with a kiss?3. Naughty NurseAn absolute classic costume which is seen in many places and is much beloved of hen parties worldwide. Nurses wear white uniforms which suggest purity, and this is the reason why men are crazy about it-they are always looking for things that are pure and chaste. A nurse costume not only caters for the fervor of purity, but also adds a lot of sexy factors, like white stockings with garters and transparent design on the back.4. Sexy BridePerhaps a little similar to a wedding dress, but MUCH shorter! Again, it’s a rare man that isn’t excited by the idea of a sexy bride! If you’re on your hen party then this could be the costume for you, or you can do your very own recreation of your wedding night, but perhaps a little more daring this time!?5. Hot Air-HostessGuys are crazy about air-hostesses, the statuesque beauties that serve you during your flight; and why not? They’re tall, in great shape and look like models. But with this costume YOU can join the mile high club with him, and you know what the answer will be when you ask him, “Can I get you anything sir?”6. Sex-KittenA pair of cat’s ears and lashings of mysterious black PVC and lace make you a sexy yet nifty kitten at night. Most men will totally lose control when faced by a sex-kitten and if he’s a fan of batman then he’ll love that you look like cat-woman. Maybe you can lap up some milk from a saucer and purr softly while he scratches behind your ears?