Dating For Sex – What You Can Do To Stop This

People date for many different reasons, and dating for sex is something many guys like to do in order to satisfy their lust. And if you’ve been doing that for quite a while now, you don’t need me to tell you that by doing that, you wouldn’t really end up with the right girl.Girls that allow you to have sex with them after just one or a few dates tend to be loose, and chances are, you might not be the only guy whom they have slept with.So really, dating for sex is not only demeaning to yourself, but it’s literally dangerous to your life because your risk of contracting sex related diseases is multiplied the more you date for the sake of sex.Well, you probably know you shouldn’t be doing that right now, but sometimes, it might be difficult to stop yourself because it has become a habit that you find hard to break.In that case, here are 2 questions you can ask yourself to help you curb that habit.Q1 – Just How Fulfilling Is Having Casual Sex With Someone You Hardly Know?How many times have you had a temporary physical release, only to get many terrifying thoughts in your mind after that?What if you contracted HIV?What if others found out about it and think differently about you?What if she blackmails you now that you’ve both had sex together?The truth is, dating for sex can be emotionally and mentally unfulfilling. It isn’t worth it when you exchange a moment of physical release for a prolonged period of emotional and mental stress.So the next time you’re dating for sex, think about the consequences of the emotional and mental stresses that you will experience after that.Q2 – Why Are You Really Doing This?For everything you do in life, there’s always a motive. So when you’re dating for sex, why are you really doing it?More often that not, it’s because you have underlying emotions or issues that you’ve yet to deal with.Are you fearful of committing to just one partner?Have you had so many bad relationships that you simply don’t want the hassle of dealing with another one?Could you possibly be addicted to having sex with different women such that you cannot maintain a sexual relationship with only one person?Only you can answer those questions, and only with honest answers can you face up to reality. And once you do that, you might like to see a psychiatrist to deal with your problems, or at least, speak to someone you trust.Dating for sex doesn’t give you lasting fulfilment, and I believe you know that by now. But if you can’t seem to be able to stop that habit, hopefully the 2 questions above might help you to break free from that.